Katja Larsson


I am an artist currently based in London where I study sculpture at The Slade School of Fine Art.

My work is concerned with the dilemma of truth and representation – what appearance and surface tell us about the essence of a thing. Objects generally have functions and they inhabit spaces accordingly. Things made for our use exist in a cycle where material, form and function depend upon each other. What happens then if material is inverted, solid replaced with fragile, quiet replaced with loud? Its reasons for being will start to wobble. We are left with a surrogate, a negative, a seemingly empty shell of the thing. Suddenly liberated from functional duty, these things are given a second chance at meaning. A chance to exist for themselves, a chance to exist for thought.

I often work with materials that are fragile and transient by nature, and often make works in response to a particular location. For the National Sculpture Prize I am making a cast of a solid boulder out of pink/flesh coloured silicone rubber, made to stand in the landscape as a boulder would.

Feel free to visit my website at http://www.katjalarsson.com.

Larsson Solid Solver 2012





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